Sikky’s Universal dual caliper line kit works perfectly with Reverse mount style hand brakes. Great for drifting or drag race line lock setups.  This kit will make things easy and will work with just about all configurations.    Designed for use with Wilwood calipers or M10 x 1.0 banjo threaded calipers which is a very common size. This line kit is designed with every car and brake caliper in mind. The only thing that may be needed is a different thread banjo fitting for your vehicles specific brake caliper!



-High quality Sikky green PTFE Stainless steel brake line with AN fittings
-Small profile banjo design for minimum center console modifications
-Works with wilwood calipers (1/8 NPT) and calipers with M10 x 1.0 banjo fittings
-Comes with all the fittings and lines you will need to go from the hand brake to the caliper.


Fitment notes:

-Designed to work with Wilwood brake master cylinders or similar style
-Works with Sikky Reverse Mount style handbrakes and other similar configuration non Sikky hand brakes (Not Pull-up and Pull-back style!)

-Suitable for import and domestic vehicles, including hot rods, as well as off-road vehicles

Universal Reverse Pull Back Handbrake Dual Caliper Line Kit


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