These new Kompact Dual Ports offer an alternative to the existing Kompact Plumb Backs, for owners who want the sound of a Dual Port BOV, but do not require the heavier-duty performance of the larger and higher priced Type 5 for the cars listed below.

The Kompact is suited to owners of otherwise stock or mildly modified vehicles, seeking the improved performance of an Turbosmart BOV with that classic vent-to-atmosphere sound.

The existing Kompact Plumb Back for these applications is ideal for those who prefer the quieter operation of a recirculating BOV, while the Type 5 is ideal for more modified cars running increased boost levels.

What’s great about it?

  • Billet aluminum construction and lightweight precision-machined piston for excellent sealing, response and boost holding capability.
  • Significant performance improvements compared to standard valves, which often bleed boost and crack with age and wear – especially for these older vehicles.
  • Dual Port design gives the vent-to-atmosphere ‘pssh’ that people love, while still recirculating enough air to keep the engine’s sensors happy.
  • Supplied blanking plug gives customers the option of converting the Dual Port to a full recirculating or full vent-to-atmosphere valve.
  • Eradicates compressor surge, even in stock applications.


SKU: TS-0203-1009

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