SHEDBUILT Custom Mazdaspeed 6 Modified Fuel Pump Basket


***5-7 Day lead time***


Looking to run port injection on your Mazdaspeed 6?

Looking for an auxilary fueling option but dont want to run a fuel cell?

Want 700hp worth of fuel?!


The Hellcat fuel pump kit by SHEDBUILT is a Drop in, Plug and Play option for those wanting to keep things simple while still supplying enough fuel for the Direct Injection and Port injection systems simultaneously! It uses the stock feed line to supply the fuel, retains the fuel level sender and OEM plug. Split the feed at the firewall and route a supply line to your High Pressure Fuel Pump and another line to your Port Injection source! A return line off of your External Fuel Pressure Regulator back to the modified fuel pump top hat! ***AN EXTERNAL FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR REQUIRED*** Email is for a quote on external fuel pressure regulators! CORE CHARGE INFO: There is a 100$ core refund if and when we receive an operational and functional pump core in return. $100.00 will be refunded to the buyer once we deem the replacement core a good replacement!



Hellcat 450/525 Hellcat Fuel Pump

New Filter Sock

-6AN Drain

Radium Venturi kit QC adpdter for saddle tank syphon line

Steel Pump Hangar with SS hardware


  • Send us a functioning Pump in return and get a core charge refund!

  • Units are built to order. 5-7 Day Lead time

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