Sikky’s S-Chassis specific Pass through master cylinder line kit is the easiest and most affordable way to get a hydraulic handbrake into your S-chassis. It’s designed to work with Sikky Reverse mount style hand brakes and replaces the metal hard line that runs along the passenger frame rail. Simply undo the brake line from the front and rear of the car, and install the Sikky lines!



-High quality Sikky green PTFE Stainless steel brake line with AN fittings
-Small profile banjo design for minimum center console modifications
-Works with Stock or modified brake calipers!


Fitment notes:

-Designed to work with Wilwood brake master cylinders
-Works with Sikky Reverse Mount style handbrakes  (Not Pull-up and Pull-back style!)

-Goes in line with factory brake line locations, no cutting or bending brake line required!

-Suitable for Nissan 240sx, S13, S14, S15

240sx S-Chassis Reverse Mount Hydraulic Handbrake Line Kit


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